Droidware UK Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy defines how we collect and use personal and non-personal information and data in our mobile applications and on our website.

Droidware UK respects your privacy rights and recognises the importance of protecting any information collected about you.

Personal Data:

Droidware UK do not collect any personal user data.

Non-Personal Data:

When you use our apps, your device automatically sends certain information to our advertising partner AdMob. This is not the case with our paid apps.

AdMob is an advertising service provided by AdMob Google Inc. Please read this overview of how they use information from sites or apps that use their services.

Advertisers who serve ads may use technology which can uniquely identify mobile devices to deliver better target messages and control number of times you get an Ad. Ad Networks may access your unique device identifier through their own technologies and use it to target advertising to you.

Advertisers make available links through advertisements or otherwise enabling you to access third party sites, tools or games. Please note that, while using such sites, tools or games, you are not affiliated with or controlled by us.

Personalised Advertising:

The shared information include, for example, the name of the app, the device type, and the advertising ID.

The information gathered is used to provide relevant ads based on user interests and behaviour associated with that particular advertising ID.

Non-Personalised Advertising:

Non-personalised ads are ads that are not based on a user’s past behaviour. They are targeted using contextual information, including coarse (such as city-level) geo-targeting based on current location, and content on the current site or app or current query terms.

Although non-personalised ads don't use mobile ad identifiers for ad targeting, they do still mobile ad identifiers for frequency capping, aggregated ad reporting, and to combat fraud and abuse.


This app uses analytics (usage data) in order to understand how users engage with the app and how to improve it.

When you use our apps your device automatically sends certain information to our analytics partner Google Analytics.

The information gathered includes, for example, the device type, the session length, and interactions with various user interface elements, i.e. buttons in the app.

The analytics data collected is anonymous and is not personal data.


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